Slash: Paper Under The Knife

October 7, 2009 - April 4, 2010

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(A)s a survey of the widespread resurgence in the use of cut paper, "Slash" is a triumph all the way.
   - Jane Harris, Time Out

"Slash," the stupefying and fantastic show on paper art at the Museum of Arts and Design.
   - New York Magazine

Slash: Paper Under the Knife takes the pulse of the international art world's renewed interest in paper as a creative medium and source of artistic inspiration, examining the remarkably diverse use of paper in a range of art forms. Slash is the third exhibition in MAD's Materials and Process series, which examines the renaissance of traditional handcraft materials and techniques in contemporary art and design. The exhibition surveys unusual paper treatments, including works that are burned, torn, cut by lasers, and shredded. A section of the exhibition will focus on artists who modify books to transform them into sculpture, while another will highlight the use of cut paper for film and video animations.

Selected artists will be commissioned to create site-specific or site-referential works, and others will be invited to create work onsite in MAD's three artist studios that will subsequently be installed in the exhibition.

Slash: Paper Under the Knife is made possible by Kate's Paperie. Generous additional support is provided by the Angelica Berrie Foundation.

This exhibition is made possible, in part, through the generous support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam. Additional support is provided by the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel and the Dutch Consulate General.

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David Revere McFadden, Chief Curator, and Laura Stern, Assistant Curator


Teacher Resource Packet - A collection of images and questions for discussions, with bibliography and glossary of terms, designed for educators k-12, but made available to all. - Moving Paper is the Museum of Arts and Design cut paper animation festival. Visit the site to view, rate, and upload your own cut paper animation videos.